Tonight we’re going back a little more than a week and bringing you all the raw footage that we shot of the custom figures, vehicles and dioramas at ToyLanta, 2019.

The original plan was to bring you a photo essay to go along with this video, but thanks to a Myasthenia Gravis flare up that has hit me in the eyes, that will have to wait until Tuesday. Sorry about that, but staring at a computer monitor to edit pictures is not advisable today.

But we still have this video, set (mostly) to YouTube-provided stock music, showing off some of the talent on display at ToyLanta.

ToyLanta is a fundraiser for the Cody Lane Toy and Diorama Museum, which is devoted to the concept of imaginative play combined with the art of the diorama. Nothing drives home the mission of the museum better than the annual contests, displays and special events related to ToyLanta.

Enjoy the video, apologies for my sloppy video and for any names I missed or got wrong, and check PopCult Tuesday for a photo essay, including pics swiped from Facebook, so we can show you the best of the best.

This here blog will be getting back to normal next week, with new radio shows, book and comic reviews, toy news and all our regular features.