This year I did not knock myself out shooting video at ToyLanta (three weekends ago by now). I had Mel shoot some footage of the dealers as they were setting up, and sadly, botched things up when I went back later, so none of that video was usable.

However, above you see a short clip made up of the raw footage of the dealer’s rooms at ToyLanta 2022. This is just a small sampling of the toys available at the show There were tons more toys than this, and this is still pretty impressive.

Hopefully by next Sunday I can process and edit the rest of the video we shot, including the custom figures, dioramas and other cool things. This is not going to be as comprehensive or elaborate as our previous ToyLanta videos because we’re still a bit skittish about the pandemic, and tried to limit our time around crowds. We went as civilians, not as journalists.

But I couldn’t just go there and not bring back any video, so here’s part of what we saw at ToyLanta, 2022.