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Sunday Evening Video: ToyLanta Walk-through

A week ago today your PopCulteer was wrapping up his visit to ToyLanta, and beginning his journey home. I still have tons of photos and video from the trip to put together for you, but in the meantime we have this great walk-through of the dealer’s room at ToyLanta by our friend, Ricky from the Atlanta toy collecting scene.

Ricky has a cool YouTube channel called We Had That, and you can subscribe and enjoy a steady stream of cool, informative and entertaining videos about vintage toys and the hobby of collecting. He does lots of spotlight videos on specific classic figures and reviews of new toys as well.

Many thanks to Ricky for letting us share his video here, and check PopCult all week for our regular features, plus at least one photo essay every day about our recent trip. We’ll cover everything from ToyLanta to The Walking Dead, FiestaWare, a wild roadside attraction, and more. You may even learn about giant moose heads and see a beautiful sunset.

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  1. Thomas Wheeler

    I don’t know whether to cry or just be horribly envious. Granted, I’ve still got a lot of this, but still… 🙂

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