Trace Around Your Heart from brainwrap on Vimeo.

traceheartposter6_s1 Seth Martin and Friends and Ian Nolte have created a stirring motion picture, sort of “A Star Is Born” with country music…and puppets. Starring the heart felt country legend, Trace Cherokee,  and local superstar, Sasha Colette, “Trace Around Your Heart” is funny, sweet and catchy.

You can see for yourself. We’re bringing you the whole film today.

img_7347You can now own “Trace Around Your Heart”  in a special DVD/CD package that includes a soundtrack album.  It’s only ten bucks! You get the film, which you can see above, and an exclusive CD, all housed in a lovingly hand-crafted folder. There is even a remote, if unlikely, chance that you could get it in time for Christmas!