Weird Al- Close but no Cigar from Copernicus Studios on Vimeo.

weirdAl_Janet3-707060-780171This week we bring you the music video for “Close but No Cigar,” a song by Weird Al Yankovic, directed by our old pal, John Kricfalusi. This was done a few years back, but somehow managed to escape our notice until now, so we bring it to you as though it were BRAND-NEW!

John Kricfalusi, of course, is one of our cartoon gurus, the creator of Ren and Stimpy and the guy who put your PopCulteer and his lovely wife on the map as ace animation reporters way back in the early 1990s by graciously granting us a series of interviews during the whole Ren and Stimpy/Nickelodeon debacle.

In this video we join Cigarettes the cat on his senseless quest for perfection as John reaches into his Bob Clapett-inspired bag of tricks to bring the music to life, cool cartoon style. “Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy,” indeed.