This is a quick, unplanned, glimpse at part of the model contest entries, recorded June 5, 2021 at WonderFest USA in Louisville, Kentucky. For a few moments, while I was taking photos of the model contest entries at WonderFest last weekend, I handed the Zi8 camera to Melanie, who shot brief clips before she had to depart to get in line to get some stuff signed by Greg Nicotero.

This video was created out of that backup video shot in the model contest room, and is not a comprehensive look at all the entries. It really only covers about half of them. The footage looked good enough that we decided to share it.  For more models from the rest of the room, scroll down the page for our previous photo essays, and stay tuned because we have at least three more of them coming early next week. There was a lot to see at WonderFest.

This video was shot by Mel Larch, for PopCult. Editing was by Rudy Panucci, and the music combines several pieces composed and performed by Rudy Panucci, Mel Larch and Frank Panucci.