Nothing says “I Love You” more than watching cool cartoons together…at least here in the PopCult household.

So on this special day, we’re bringing you a bunch of our favorite weird, independent cartoons. Above, you see the live action/animated Neverwhere, by the late Richard Corben.  I have been a fan of Corben’s for fifty years, and was deeply saddened when I heard he passed away late last year at the age of 80. This film was made in the 1960s, just before he broke into underground comics and later Warren’s horror comics magazines and Heavy Metal. I never got the chance to see this while he was alive. I’ve heard about it almost since it was made, but had no idea it was online until now.

This story mutated into Den, which was adapted, very badly, as one of the segments of the Heavy Metal movie in the early 80s. Here you can get a much better idea of what Corben’s vision was, even though he did this on a shoestring budget. That’s him playing the lead in the live action sequences, too.

Below you’ll see more classic animated shorts from John and Faith Hubley, The National Film Board of Canada, Marv Newland, Bruno Bozetto, Zagreb Film and even my brother. They’ll make you all romantic and stuff for the holiday.