Our video tonight is a shaky bootleg audience video shot during the fabled “DEVOBama” benefit, held in Akron Ohio last October. What you see above is Chrissie Hynde, backed by DEVO and The Black Keys, performing “Breaking The Concrete,” the title track from the new Pretenders album. Of course, we’re bringing you this because of the big day Tuesday….the birthdays of David Lynch, Snoop Dogg, Bill Maher, Michelle Malkin, Alan Parsons, Malcolm McClaren, Lewis Grizzard and Slim Whitman. If ever there was a more DEVO assortment of famous and infamous people, I haven’t seen it.

Oh, this was also a benefit for Barack Obama, and he starts his new job Tuesday. There’s more low-fi shaky DEVOBAMA video after the “Read More” link….

“Girl U Want” by DEVO

“Going Under” by DEVO

“Uncontrollabe Urge” by DEVO