FestivAll is coming. Charleston’s giant annual art party starts in less than two weeks. To get you in the mood, we’re going to go back to 2007, the first year that we covered FestivAll in depth here in PopCult. This report was narrated and directed by Melanie Larch, and edited and produced by your PopCulteer. Because YouTube limited the length of videos back then, it’s been broken into two parts. With the first above, and the second below.

In this video report you’ll see tons of the sights and sounds of FestivAll, with The No Pants Players, Drew The Dramatic Fool, Ted Brightwell, Captain Crash and The Beauty Queen, Spurgie Hankins, Whistlepunk, Comparsa, Jude Binder and lots and lots of people dancing. Plus we ddin’t forget the Catfish, who got their own theme song in Part two, which can be seen below.