image321Tonight we repeat an annual tradition and get into the spirit of the season by re-presenting our classic Radio Free Charleston Halloween shows. If this all seems familiar, it’s probably because we find some way to do this every year.

This time around we look at the Halloween specials from our first few years. You will see classic RFC performances by Clownhole, Whistlepunk, half the Pistol Whippers, Lil’ Guy from South Park Enteprises, Big Money, Go Van Gogh, Under The Radar, and more, plus all sorts of scary animation and guest appearances.  After the jump you’ll find the three-part Radio Free Charleston Horror Theater, and our classic “Big Buddy” show from 2009.


Our first two-parter, now combined into one show. See Rudy Panucci get killed and resurrected as a ghost.


Recorded at a Halloween Party at Capitol Roasters (RIP). Music from Big Money and Lil’ Guy.

rfc-54previewthumb2008 saw elaborate host segments as we presented a two-parter called Radio Free Charleston Horror Theater. These shows featured Mel Larch, Brian Young, Liz McCormick and Kitty Killton, with music by Go Van Gogh, Under The Radar, Doctor Senator and Hellblinki, plus short films by Rich Allen and Spike Nesmith.

These episodes of the show mark the first appearance of your PopCulteer as “Count Rudolf,” my tribute to horror movie hosts, which, since I did these shows, have had a major resurgence with new horror-hosted shows on Bizarre TV and all over YouTube. I’d like to think that I had something to do with this, even though logic dictates that the idea is highly unlikely.

We had so much fun that, for April Fool’s Day 2009, we did Part Three!

We continue our look back at Radio Free Charleston‘s Halloween shows with our 2009 episode, considered by many to be our best episode with tons of guests ranging from The No Pants Players to Mark Wolfe, and music by Unknown Hinson, The Big Bad and Flare Baroshi, among others.


In 2010 we brought you an extended preview of my still-unfinished Zombie-Noir epic, “Jazz From Hell.”

RFC 113 "Jazz From Hell Preview" from Rudy Panucci on Vimeo.

Next week you can relive some of these moments yet again as we bring you the “Best of Halloween” special and look at Halloween on Radio Free Charleston during the ShockaCon years.