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Sunday Evening Videos: Halloween Cartoons!

Halloween week begins now! We’re kicking it off with a big batch of spooky cartoons.  Above you see Betty Boop cavorting with a ghostly rotoscopted Cab Calloway in “Minnie The Moocher.  After the jump, you’ll find several more animated holiday “treats” featuring Popeye, Legos, Scrappy, Classic Disney and more Betty.  Be prepared for what some folks might consider racially insensitive material.  Some of these cartoons date back to the 1930s. Check PopCult every day this week for special Halloween content!


  1. Frank Panucci

    Scrappy kicks ass!

  2. Mike V. Bennett

    Also, More Treats of the Season, For Those of Us Born in the ’40’s & ’50’S.

    “Skeleton Frolic” (1937)

    Disney Mickey Mouse-“Haunted House” (1929)

    “Skeleton Dance,” (Danse La Macabre) 1929 disney short

    Mickey Mouse- “This Is Halloween”

    Donald Duck – “Trick Or Treat” – 1952 (English)

    Flip the Frog (Looney Tunes) in “Spooks”

    Porkey Pig – “Jeepers Creepers” (Looney Tunes)

    My New Favorite:
    Tool and Mickey Mouse “Haunted Halloween Nightmare” [FMV]

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