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If you read The PopCulteer Friday, you saw my obituary for Heinz Edelmann, the designer of The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine cartoon and a personal hero of mine and major influence on my art. Today we’re going to look at some of his work. Above you can see the opening sequence from “Yellow Submarine.”

It should be noted that Peter Max, the famed 1960s “psychedelic” artist had absolutely nothing to do with the creation of “Yellow Submarine.” He’s spent over 40 years taking credit for Edelmann’s work, which sadly, says more about Max’s personal ethics than it does about Edelmann’s work. In fact, Max has built much of his career on accepting accolades that were actually intended for Edelmann and his colleague, Milton Glaser, who together created the style that Max exploited so well.

It’ll be interesting to see if, now that Edelmann is no longer living, Max will stop taking credit for the man’s work, or if call off his attack dog/agent, who cruises the internet threatening legal action against anyone who tries to set the record straight. Knowing a bit about Max’s history, my guess is that he’ll continue autographing “Yellow Submarine” album covers and keep the Submarine scupture on his desk as though he designed them.

After the jump, you’ll see a little more, plus one of the TV commercials that ripped off/paid homage to Edelmann’s style.
Behold, the Sea of Holes.

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Below you see a very slavish imitation of the Yellow Submarine animation and design style, done for 7 Up in 1968.

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