I first posted the playlist you see above over eleven years ago. Coding issues caused by YouTube being a jerk have caused it to be unviewable for a long time, but after smacking the computer for an hour or so, I finally made it give up the goods, and now you can see these thrilling videos onced again.

An entire generation or two has grown up with the internet as a major presence in their lives. That means that the time is ripe for INTERNET NOSTALGIA! Above you see a series of video clips of such classic internet fads as The Numa Numa Guy, Salad Fingers, The Hampster Dance, Banana Phone, Diet Coke and Mentos, Xiao Xiao, The Star Wars Kid and kicking it off, The Creepy Dancing Baby animation.

These things were pass√© over a decade ago, and now they’re practically adorably quaint and seem like artifacts from a prehistoric time.

Just in case you think that TikTok invented stupid, vapid, goofy videos, go back and revisit the primal goop of what has become a new, vaster wasteland than Newton Minnow could have ever imagined.