bg-01-5-7Here’s something we haven’t done for a while. Last night your PopCulteer made a rare trek out to hear some great live, local music. For ten years this was not such a rare occurance at all, but over the last year, while I’ve been dealing with the affects of Myasthenia Gravis, I think I’ve only caught three local bands.

But last night at The Blue Parrot, two bands that I really wanted to hear and hadn’t had the chance yet were playing together, so I made it a point to be there. Membrane Cell is David Synn, with whom I have collaborated in the past on the “Stark Charleston” film, and Kenny Booth, virtuoso guitarist for HARRAH and Trielement. Bad Blood is top-notch cover band that features my good friend Lee Harrah on lead vocals.

Mrs. PopCulteer had to do the driving. I’m four days away from the first of two cataract surgeries, and night driving is not exactly a highly-recommended activity. I did, however, smuggle one of my trusty Kodak Zi8 cameras out with me, and took the opportunity to shoot video of a couple of songs by each band. I did not bring any extra recording equipment, so this is just camera audio with minor tweaking. I also don’t promise that anything is in focus, because I’m not really capable of judging that sort of thing at the moment.

With minimal editing, we bring you two PopCult Instant Videos, above you see Membrane Cell, with two of their original tunes that blend electronica with metal to create a new and exciting sound. Below Bad Blood does your PopCulteer proud with amped-up renditions of a couple of Beatles numbers. There’s a little NSFW language involved, so don’t crank this up loud at work.

If this gives any of you hope that the return of Radio Free Charleston on video is imminent…well, perhaps that hope is justified.