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Sunday Evening Videos: Life-Sized Hot Wheels

Almost every American under the age of sixty played with Hot Wheels as a kid. 52 years after their introduction, they are still one of the top-selling toys in the world. And almost every kid who played with these small die-cast cars imagined and fantasized about what it would be like to have a real car that looked like the snappy designs that the toy company, Mattel, used for their cool toys.

Mattel finally decided to do something about that, so two years ago to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Hot Wheels, they began “The Legends Tour.” Independent customizers are invited to re-create their favorite Hot Wheels cars in real life…

The Legends tour continues, but it has been interrupted by the Coronavirus and has been happening online. Here’s some video from one of last year’s tour stops, with some more classic Hot Wheels come to life…

Of note is the fact that some famous Hot Wheels and other cool toy cars and model kits had already been turned into life-sized cars (heck, some of them started life as legendary customs). Here’s a couple of recognizable classics…

And I know what you’re thinking. “Did they build a giant loop-de-loop?” Well no, they did not do that as part of The Legends Tour.

They’d already done that back in 2013…

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  1. Thomas Wheeler

    Oh my stars, there’s a DEORA II in there! One of my personal favorites! This is awesome!

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