384480_10152761774460720_1210485209_nTuesday is the big day for candy, ghosts and goblins this year. The weekend parties are behind us and those of us who need it will get a Monday to sleep off any hangovers so that we can all appreciate the real meaning of Halloween…giving out candy to kids dressed in cheesy costumes.

Over the years this holiday has mutated from being a fun thing for children into a way to sell alcohol to arrested adolescents, but on those rare occasions when the local governments allow Trick or Treat to happen on the actual holiday, it somehow becomes pure again, at least for one day.

For the second year in a row kids will get to Trick or Treat on the actual night of Halloween, and adults won’t go on a bender because they have to work the next day.

To get you in the spirit of the holiday, tonight PopCult will look at a few of our own videos that celebrate the true meaning of Halloween.

First up, it’s a look at Ben Cooper Halloween costumes.

Next it’s a cool Halloween-themed game that we saw at Toy Fair.

Of course we have a short, stupid, Halloween cartoon for you.

And finally it’s a “best of” compilation of our early Halloween episodes of Radio Free Charleston.