This week’s blast of videos salutes Progressive Rock, the viruostic, classically-influenced rock and roll that moved music forward into complex and intelligent areas that were deeply offensive to musically-conservative listeners who prefer to be spoon-fed formulaic dreck.  Taking their cue from the Beatles and their musically-adventurous ways, progressive rock musicians pushed the envelope to breaking with challenging and often pretentious and pompous tunes that destroyed the musical conventions of the day, with extended song structures, bizarre time signatures, non-traditional instrumentation and unusual subject matter.

prog-lgo-jan17You can hear Prognosis, a show that brings you two hours of progressive rock each Monday (with replays throughout the week) on The AIR, and on this embedded player, if you are so inclined…

At the top of this post you see The Progressive Rock Anthology, a collection of performances by Emerson Lake and Palmer, Curved Air, Focus, Rick Wakeman and more. Below you will find the Beat Club compilation “Frontiers of Progressive Rock,” with vintage performances by King Crimson, YES, ELP, The Nice and Soft Machine.

If you like what you hear in these videos, don’t forget to tune in to Prognosis, presented by Herman Linte, Mondays at 3 PM and Wednesdays at 8 PM, on The AIR.