The Empty Glass is the cornerstone of Charleston’s music scene. Beloved by all (except for the occasional pyromaniacal internet crank), The Glass has been the site of many an amazing musical experience.  The video you see at the head of this post is a collection of clips from Radio Free Charleston that were recorded at The Empty Glass.

Below, you will find a widget for the Kickstarter page to help fund Empty Glass Records, a new record label which will capture some of these one-of-a-kind live performances and make them available for music lovers everywhere. The Glass is trying to raise enough cash to purchase some additional equipment that will allow them to upgrade the recording capabilities of the bar.

In the past, The Empty Glass has been the location for recordings by Unknown Hinson, Big Jack Johnson, Zach Deputy and more.  There are several cool incentives for donating, including free CDs, VIP cards and recording sessions.  This is not charity–you get a pretty good bang for your buck, if you love live music or frequent the Empty Glass.

After the jump, we have more videos from the Glass, including an entire episode of Radio Free Charleston devoted to the old days of The Empty Glass.

RFC 39 "Go Van Gogh Shirt"

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Three Songs By The Nanker Phelge from Rudy Panucci on Vimeo.

RFC 90 "Hellblinki Sextet Shirt"

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