This week we’re bringing you some random vintage toy commercials, for no other reason than they’re pretty darn cool.  Above you see spots for The Tommy Burst Detective Set, Lionel Mercury Capsule Launching Car, Lionel Science Sets, Lionel Trains, Joe DiMaggio, Gilbert Toys, Union Station by Remco, March of Dimes, and Space Patrol Space Binoculars.

Below you see About ten minutes’ worth of “space age” toy commercials, likely from the early ’60s. This includes TV spots for the Ideal “Astro Base” and “Countdown” toys; the Deluxe “Man in Space” set, Ideal’s “Mr. Machine”, and Remco’s “Project Yankee Doodle”  and more.

These are embedded from, so be prepared for clunky playback at times, but the toys are so cool that it’s worth the video stuggles.