RFC Halloween graphicFor the first time in a long time, we’re able to bring you every Radio Free Charleston Halloween Show, all collected in one place. In the spirit of the holiday season, please enjoy…


Our first two-parter, now combined into one show. See Rudy Panucci get killed and resurrected as a ghost.


Recorded at a Halloween Party at Capitol Roasters (RIP). Music from Big Money and Lil’ Guy.


Another two-parter, combined into one video, this one is “Radio Free Charleston Horror Theater” with great music and wild host segments.

We had so much fun that, for April Fool’s Day 2009, we did Part Three!


One of our most popular shows, with Unknown Hinson, The Big Bad and Flare Baroshi, plus hilarious host segments with members of The No Pants Players.


This year we presented an extended preview of the still-unifinished movie, “Jazz From Hell,” starring lots of familiar faces.

RFC 113 "Jazz From Hell Preview" from Rudy Panucci on Vimeo.


I can’t remember why, but we didn’t do a Halloween show this year.


Our Halloween special was rooted in our coverage of the very first Shocka-Con. Just like this year, only confined to one episode.


Half of our Halloween Special is online. Part two is coming tomorrow. That’s what this is all leading up to, you know.

Oh, what the heck! How about we leak part two right here now?