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Sunday Evening Videos: RFC Oldies

This week’s blast of video madness here in PopCult is a look back at some of the cool videos we featured on Radio Free Charleston during our first 18 months as an online video program.  We’re hard at work on RFC 108 (with music from InFormation, Volt 9000 and The AK 40 Sexuals, plus short films by Scott Elkins and K.D. Lett) so we thought it’d be fun to look back at our early days.

Included in the above embedded playlist are classics from Whistlepunk, Sean Richardson, The Ghosts Of Now, John Radcliff and The Concept.  Since these videos appeared on the show, the personnel from these clips have re-arranged themselves into other groups, including Tofujitsu, Mother Nang, Ovada, The Scrap Iron Pickers, WATT 4, and HARRAH.

We’re trying out YouTube’s playlist feature, so you don’t have to scroll down.  The videos should play one after the other.  Enjoy!


  1. Patrick

    Rudy, Are you going to the Sasha Collette & Foxhunt shows on Friday for RFC? If you aren’t planning on it now, I highly reccomend you do so.

  2. rudy panucci

    I’m planning to be there and possibly help with LiveMix’s three-camera shoot.

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