Last year I raved about Spencer Elliott‘s fingerstyle guitar album, “Some Forgotten Color.” Since that time, Spencer has re-recorded the CD with internationally-respected guitarist Antoine DuFuor in the producer’s chair, and it’s been released with a bonus track on CandyRat Records, who are bringing Spencer’s music to a world-wide audience.

One of the ways that they’re doing this is with music videos. Back in 2013 Spencer called me in to shoot a video in my trademark guerilla-filmmaking style, and I’d like to think that “First Flight” played a tiny part in launching Spencer on this new musical journey.  You can see “First Flight in RFC 195. However, now Spencer is releasing videos shot on professional equipment with a budget and actual lighting and wardrobe, and they look and sound fantastic.

Tonight we bring you three of Spencer’s videos for CandyRat Records. Up top you’ll find “Ellipsos.” In the middle it’s “Insignificant.” Wrapping it all up below we have “The Battle of Wonderland.”

One extra reason that we’re posting these videos now is that we have a special RFC MINI SHOW coming up Monday. You see, nine years ago this week we held the very first recording session for Radio Free Charleston at LiveMix Studio.

The band was Whistlepunk, which consisted of Spencer Elliott, Dan Jordan and Brian Young. We are going to re-present the two songs recorded in that session. This is a completely different musical side of Spencer, and you’ll get to read more about it tomorrow. But for now, listen to this incredible guitar playing.