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Tonight we’re diving back into ancient times to re-present a few cool videos by one of my MySpace friends, Uni And Her Ukelele, and first up  it’s her performing the song “La La Happy, Too” with the Ding! String Trio, filmed at Aunt Daisy’s Boathouse in Titahi Bay, New Zealand.

I first posted these videos almost eight years ago, which is why I refer to Uni as a “MySpace Friend.” I thought it might be cool to remind folks of her legendary Ukulele prowess and let you know that she’s released a few albums since I originally posted this. I think I first discovered Uni via The Aquabats.

Uni is Heather Marie Ellison.Uni and her Ukelele began it’s life in 2004 as an outlet for an already accomplished singer to self publish and perform original work independently. Since that time Uni has released three full albums, numerous E.P’s, collaborations and a covers album ranging from lo -fi indie pop to melodic strings to rock. Uni’s sound has been described as eclectic, infectious pop and not your usual Ukulele fare.

After the jump, we’ll look at a couple of Uni’s other songs.

Here’s Uni with “Mahalo Maui Rose.”

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Finally, we have Uni singing “I’m On My Way.” You can find a lot more music by Uni at her MySpace page, linked above.

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