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This week’s dose of video goodness sees the full version of WATT4’s cover of the Asia classic, “Heat Of The Moment,” which was edited for time in the latest episode of Radio Free Charleston.That’s it right up there above this text, or at this link, if the blog is behaving badly.

After the “Read More,” you’ll get to see the animated video for The Scrap Iron Pickers’ song “Swamp Thing,” which ran in episode 93 of RFC.

And after that, we’re digging way back to bring you “Deathburn” by The Ghosts Of Now, a group that included Lee Harrah from WATT4 and Roadblock from The Scrap Iron Pickers. This video was originally part of RFC number 19, way back in June, 2007.

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If the Scrap Iron Pickers video is not where it should be, follow this link.

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If you don’t see The Ghosts Of Now above, check it out here.