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Sweet Sixteen Production Notes

The latest episode of Radio Free Charleston is online now for your viewing pleasure.   This episode is called “A Place Of Solace Shirt” in honor of the Huntington band who put on a killer show at the Sound Factory back on March 6.  We will be featuring the band, and not just the shirt, on a future episode of RFC.  Follow that link to find out how you can get your own shirt and sample their music.

Our musical guests on this episode are John Radcliff and Al Carey.  Radcliff is an old buddy from way back in my radio days, and Al is a new friend with a striking political commentary.

Longtime followers of the local music scene may remember John from his days as the ace guitar god for such bands as The Swivel Rockers, Feast Of Stephen, and The Mad Scientist Club.  John’s relocated to Parkersburg, and has recently shifted his musical focus from just playing guitar to writing and singing his own songs.  And they are great songs.   Rad drove down from Parkersburg and graced the LiveMix Studio with seven great original tunes.  You can see and hear “Writing’s Hard” here.  On RFC we are treated to the Andy Partridge-esque “Rainbows.”   Radcliff will be the first person to appear on consecutive episodes of RFC, as he’s back next time with another killer song.

Al Carey was in town visiting family and contacted the Gazette about possibly posting his song and video “Tears Fallin’.” The video, a strong comment on the current political situation, made it’s way to our grubby little hands, and we plugged it into a spot on this episode of RFC.  It’s a great, soulful plea, with a guest shot by rapper, Life.  Don’t be surprised if it reminds you of the work of the late Marvin Gaye.  We’re lucky that Al allowed us to showcase this song before he left to go back to his career as a tunesmith in New York City.  “Tears Fallin'” is a great song, but it may not go over too well with 30% of the country. If you’re already reading, chances are that you’ll love it.

Of course, we have more than music.  Stephen Beckner, who appeared on episodes two and nine of RFC as a solo artist, and episode fourteen as a member of Go Van Gogh, is also a talented animator.  His short rotoscoped cartoon “Can You Dig It?” is on the new RFC.  You can also visit his photography blog here.  A special triva note:  RFC Big Shot and drummer for Whistlepunk, Mother Nang, Three Bodies, and The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Brian Young, was the live model that Stephen traced to make his cartoon.  It’s a small world, and we’re working to make it seem even smaller!

We also feature the short film “Negative Town” by me brudder, Frank, and a vintage commercial for Major Matt Mason.  There are also a couple of GI Joes popping around on the show.

There is one other bit of production note trivia:  The recording session for John Radcliff was the most expensive in the history of Radio Free Charleston.  I got two parking tickets, and Rad got one while we were making artful music to enhance the reputation of the city of Charleston.  I would like to salute the meter maid who did their part in nickle-and-diming this city into oblivion.  I know it’s given me a new purpose.  I’ve got ten dollars worth of whining to do about this.

And they didn’t even get the make of my car right.  My car doesn’t look anything like a freaking Saturn!

That’s about three or four bucks worth there.

Please remember that if you, like Al Carey, have an already-produced video for a song that you wrote yourself, we will consider it for inclusion in the show.  It has to be up to our sound and video standards, and we can’t promise that we’ll use everything submitted to us, but if you don’t try, we’ll never know what you got.  Contact me at

Now go watch the show.  And leave lots of nice comments.


  1. Fred Martin

    Nothing’s better than watching someone slamming Bush on the internet! I love the hippy cartoon and I think I used to live in Negative town.

    Great music. The anti-war tune was seriously moving. And who knew Lex Luthor could write such fantastic music. I can’t want to see what he has on the next show.

    You gotta be careful standing next to Radioactive Statues though. We don’t want anything bad to happen to our host.

  2. Mountain Woman Phd.

    I can\’t let the striking political commentary \”Tears Falling\” pass without comment. It does my heart good to see that musicians are once again daring to speak out against the tyranny of the current administration. The war footage was disturbing in a way that America needs to be disturbed. I wouldn\’t mind seeing more serious music like this on Radio Free Charleston.

    Which is no slight against John Radcliffe\’s \”Rainbows\”–another fine piece of music. I remember Feast Of Stephen very fondly. Maybe a reunion could happen on the show?

    I had no idea that Stephen Beckner was an animator in addition to being a musician and a photographer. We do have an amazing pool of talen in this area.

    You are doing amazing work with this show. I hope someday they\’ll let you inside the Clay Center.

  3. Longtime Listener

    So take this show weekly already. The wait between is too long. You keep hitting them out of the park. Loved the song by Rad, and the Al Carey song and video were a nice antidote to Fox News and The Daily Mail school of reporting.

    Good to see Beckner\’s cartoon, too.

    Keep it up.

  4. Elvis Capone

    Looks like you gave this one sixteen hand-polished coats, sealed it with a metal-flake laquer, sanded it with micro-grit, and buffed it to a blinding Charlie sheen! All I know is this: I can’t wait for the damn TRANSFORMERS movie!

  5. Mexican Romeo

    Powerful music from Al Carey. I think “Tears Fallin'” is a new benchmark for the show. John Radcliff’s tune was fantastic too. Loved the cartoon.

    “No Money For You, Hippie”


  6. Mrs. Romeo

    My husband called me in to watch this show. The anti war video was really moving. You guys do nice work.

  7. Anonymous

    A little preachy. It had a good beat. I could dance to it.

  8. Matt Salazar

    Great show. I like the way you keep bringing in a variety of different styles of music. I do wonder why you haven\’t had any Peruvian Knuckle-cracking musicians on yet.

  9. Strident Wiener

    I’m glad you posted about this show. While I love the politics, the really impressive thing is the surreal DIY quality that you have on display here. I plan to hit the archives and see what I’ve been missing.

  10. John Radcliff

    Hey all,

    Thanks for the kind words!!!! It means a lot more than you can imagine!

    Lex Luthor (Hehehehe!)

  11. Elvis Capone

    Re the comment from Fred Martin:
    >>Nothing’s better than watching someone slamming Bush on the internet

    What thing are you talking about? I checked all teh ghey porn blogs but I coudn’t find that video. Is Bush a “recumbent bachs” or a “pilot boi”? From which pocket does he dangle his hanky?

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