ss-5-9-17It’s Tuesday and that means new episodes of The Swing Shift and Ska Madness on The AIR! Tune in at the website, or on this handy embedded radio player…

Today at 3 PM, The Swing Shift brings you yet another collection of the best Swing music from the last century. Our first hour (the second hour is a repeat of last week’s show) offers up some of the greats of the heyday of Big Band Swing, like Duke Ellington, Artie Shaw and Jimmie Lunceford, mixed with Swing revivalists like The New Morty Show and The Pasedena Roof Orchestra and some more contemporary jazz artists like Diana Krall. Just look at this playlist:

The Swing Shift 023

The Pasedena Roof Orchestra  “Sing Sing Sing”
Oscar Peterson  “Lover, Come Back To Me”
Randy Sandke and The New York All-Stars  “Moten Swing”
Diana Krall  “I’ll See You In My Dreams”
Duke Ellington  “Cirribirribin”
The New Morty Show  “In The Groove”
Jimmie Lunceford  “Mood Indigo”
Mitch Woods and The Rocket 88s  “Jive Mr. Boogie”
Carmen Miranda  “I Yi Yi Yi”
The Camaros  “All I Want”
Cab Calloway  “The Scat Song”
Lily Wilde and the Jumpin’ Jubilee Orchestra  “Stormy Weather”
Artie Shaw  “Frenesi”
City Rhythm Orchestra  “Just Swing”
The Flying Neutrinos  “Cry”
Spike Jones  “Der Furhers Face”

ska-madness-5-9-17Meanwhile, at 5 PM Dexter Checkers takes Ska Madness into unexplored territory as he presents nearly the entire recorded output of the legendary Third Wave Ska band, Operation Ivy. This OpIvy special is bracketed by tracks from Skankin’ Pickle and The Toasters, and marks the first episode of Ska Madness made up entirely of Third Wave Ska. Here’s the playlist:

Ska Madness 008

Skankin’ Pickle  “Gates Of Steel”

Operation Ivy
“Sound System”
“Take Warning”
“The Crowd”
“One of These Days”
“Gonna Find You”
“Bad Town”
“Freeze Up”
“Artificial Life”
“Room Without a Window”
“Big City”
“Junkie’s Runnin’ Dry”
“Here We Go Again”
“Yellin’ in My Ear”
“Sleep Long”
“Healthy Body”
“I Got No”

The Toasters  “Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down”

The Swing Shift can be heard Tuesday at 3 PM, with replays Wednesday at 7 AM, Thursday at 7 PM, and Saturday at 9 AM. Plus Sunday at Midnight and Friday at 1 AM you can tune in for all-night marathons of The Swing Shift. Ska Madness can be heard Tuesday at 5 PM, with replays Friday at 10 AM and Saturday afternoon as part of The AIR Music Show Block.