Although the crew at Haversham Recording Institute are well into a two-week holiday in Spain, The AIR is going to spend a couple of days saluting legendary London DJ, Sydney Fileen, who is both our presenter for Sydney’s Big Electric Cat, and one of the principal owners of London’s leading independent voiceover studio. You can tune in at The AIR Website, or just twonk the magic ploonker right here on this embedded radio player…

Thursday and Friday from 8 AM to Midnight, The AIR will present some of the best episodes of Sydney’s Big Electric Cat, as Sydney Fileen celebrates an unspecified milestone birthday. Sydney began her career during the heyday of punk music and pirate radio, and while she transitioned to legitimate announcing and has had a long career as one of the most recognizable voices on the British airwaves,

Sydney’s roots in New Wave music run deep, and she produces Sydney’s Big Electric Cat as a labor of love for The AIR. The least we can do is run a special marathon in observance of her special day.

Listeners can get their retro jollies with the likes of Depeche Mode, M, Missing Persons, DEVO, Lene Lovich, Thomas Dolby, The Police, Duran Duran, Human League, The Clash, Romeo Void, The Dickies, The Stranglers, Hazel O’Connor, The B 52 and dozens of other artists who were cutting edge back when that phrase actually meant something.

Check out the music that made the broken promise of a brave new tomorrow on Sydney’s Big Electric Cat, all day Thursday and Friday on The AIR. Our regular schedule will return next week.