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Ten Carp Lie and Corporate Orange Headline RFC 53!

Radio Free Charleston number 53, “Jack The Ripper Shirt,” is online now!

This episode features alternative rock from Ten Carp Lie, a jam-band tune from Corporate Orange, yet another promo clip for the new Scarpelli/Kehde musical “Jack The Ripper,” plus “Charleston Speed Run #1” and a sneak peek at the documentary “Weird, Wonderful: The Braxton County Monster,” which will debut at the RFC Halloween Party October 25 at the La Belle Theater.

Host segments were shot in the editing office at Stately Radio Free Charleston Manor, in front of one of the GI Joe walls. This is a low-key show, since my cameraperson, Melanie Larch, is still busy co-starring in the aforementioned “Jack The Ripper,” and I’m knee-deep in preparations for the two-episode epic RFC Halloween 2008 special and the big party on October 25.  So this time it’s just me and a camera, Gerry Todd-style.

You have three more chances to see “Jack The Ripper.”  On last week’s show you got to see the promo clip that I made.  This episode you’re treated to a really cool video made by K.C. Bragg. It’s followed by a preview of the Braxton County Monster film, which is what kicks off the RFC Halloween Party/Jam Session in a few weeks.


Our first musical guest is Ten Carp Lie. Veteran alt-rockers, these guys have been one of the most-suggested bands for RFC since this webcast began in 2006. We finally tracked them down at the Blue Parrot when they stuck their heads out to see their shadow the same night we recorded Civil State (you saw them last week). TCL treats us to the ultra-catchy tune, “I Just.’

Ten Carp Lie is Kevin Brendler on Vocals & Guitar, Mike McGhee on Bass Guitar, Matt Parkins handling Guitar & Back-Up Vocals and Jeremy Hall taking on the Drums.  They’ve got a really cool alt-rock sound and you can catch them in Huntington on October 17 at Shamrocks with RFC 52 guests Civil State, and the next night at The V Club with Saving Jane.  They’ll be back at the Blue Parrot in November.


Instead of animation from my brother Frank this time, we have a short film he made while driving from the South Side Bridge to Patrick Street.  This film was made on one of the four days in August that Kanawha Boulevard was actually open to road traffic.

Our second musical guest, Corporate Orange, consists of Moe Morgan, Reverend John Campbell, and T.J. King (you may remember T.J. from RFC 45, where he performed solo).

We recorded Corporate Orange at the most recent Bridge event at Davis Park on the same day we recorded Jonathon Glen Wood, who appeared on RFC 52. T.J. invited me to check out the band when I ran into him and Moe during FestivAll, and we had an harmonic convergence that allowed us to tape all four bands on the last two episodes in a 24-hour period.

The song we get from Corporate Orange is “Stank Swang Thang.” In the show I call it “Stank Swamp Thang,” which is an indication that I may have been too laid-back this week. I don’t have a list of any upcoming gigs by the Orange boys, but I’ll post updates here in PopCult as soon as they have something lined up.

That’s it for episode 53 of RFC. Come back in two weeks for the first of our two-part “Radio Free Charleston Horror Theater!”


  1. Ryan Hardiman

    Hey, Rudy- great episode. I can definitely see your DEVO influences. Thanks so much for helping us promote “Jack the Ripper”, and for being so enthusiastic about the show. Looking forward to a great FINAL weekend! Hope to see everyone at the Capitol Center Theatre this Thurs through Saturday at 8pm!

  2. Penny

    Rudy, You are a warped individual…and we like it!!!
    Cool Tshirt…

  3. Elvis Capone

    The little feeshes are nice.

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