rfc2509From August, 2007, this episode of Radio Free Charleston, “Flaming Skull Shirt,” is back online for your viewing pleasure for the first time in more than six years.  This episode features a video by the late, legendary darling of Dunbar, The Amazing Delores. You’ll also get to see a performance by Joe Slack, our first second-generation guest on RFC.

Over the end credits we play one of the most-requested songs from the old radio incarnation of RFC. We also have a very special movie trailer, and animation from Frank Panucci’s movie, “Reperkussionz.”  This show is notable for having two segments directed by my old pal, Danny Boyd. Danny did the video for Delores, and he did the original short film, “Coal Dust, Fairy Dust,” which I re-edited and bastardized into a cheap parody of “Brokeback Mountain.”

You can read the original production notes HERE.