Raymond rfc 4This week we bring you Radio Free Charleston’s fourth episode “The Blue Guy Shirt,” featuring Raymond Wallace and Under The Radar. Originally posted in August, 2006, this was the very first time that RFC Big Shot (and now Mrs. RFC) Melanie Larch ran camera on the host segments. Since then, she’s shot the vast majority of the host segments for our shows. Both musical acts were recorded in the legendary LiveMix Studio, the home base fore Radio Free Charleston in our early days.

Our animation is “Zachery Bop,” by Frank Panucci. Host segments were shot in Davis Park, downtown, with a ridiculously loud air conditioner running across the street. You can read the original production notes here.

We are marking ten years of Radio Free Charleston’s video incarnation. We hope to deliver a brand-new episode in the coming weeks. Our six-month layoff has been the longest in the show’s history, but we have really good excuses. In the meantime, check us out every Tuesday on The AIR for the radio version of RFC.