Tody we take note of two non-Hatfields & McCoys books from Woodland Press.

Hills of Fire
Bare-Knuckle Yarns of Appalachia
Editor Frank Larnerd
ISBN: 978-0-9852640-4-8

The rugged mountains of Appalachia have always been a place where a man, if he was tough enough, could carve out a place for himself. The land is bountiful and composed of vast forests, racing rivers, and dizzying peaks. The region is also known for its courageous victors, monstrous villains, and tales of incredible adventure.

When a dozen of today’s hottest authors get together for an Appalachian tribute to the great pulp writers of the past, they deliver up a volatile mix of unpredictable adventure. Square-jawed heroes, desperate outlaws, dangerous women, hellfire roadsters, and aliens from another world are ready to set the hills on fire!

Story contributors include: Thomas Pluck, Jesse Knifley, Jessie Grayson, Steve Rasnic Tem, Josh Reynolds, Amber Keller, Jason Stuart, Steve Vernon, Paula Stiles, Patrick MacAdoo, Michael Knost, and Jamie Lackey.

Fed From the Blade
Tales and Poems from the Mountains
Edited By Cat Pleska and Michael Knost
ISBN: 978-0-9852640-5-5

Woodland Press presents its latest anthology, Fed From the Blade: Tales and Poems from the Mountains.The submissions for this volume came from twenty-eight exceptional Mountain State writers and poets. The result is a delightful compilation of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. It truly represents the variety and diversity of our state’s writers. Despite the different genres being showcased in this collection, the editors have shaped a cohesive, flowing book.

The writings in this anthology possess the emotional response that resonates from our mountain attitude — so appropriate to the fabulous, toad-squashed, two-handled, frying-pan shaped state that is West Virginia.
Most of us appreciate good family stories, so enjoy the narratives of loss and reconnection, struggle and triumph. No matter the tale, we find ourselves reflected in these characters, all who were fed from the blade.

Both of these great books can be found at local bookstores, or you can order them directly from Woodland Press, where they’ve been offering special deals all week.