Heavy Metal Pizza Party (Suspicious Activity Book) (Crime Cats)
61mdthgu6lby Wolfgang Parker
Rogue Agent Publishing
ISBN-13: 978-0692789537

We have recommended Wolfgang Parker’s Crime Cats book series for young readers here in the PopCult Gift Guide for the last two years, and now the newest entry in the series is an activity book, so you know it’ll make a great gift.

Are you ready for face-melting Heavy Metal fun and mystery? The Crime Cats Suspicious Activity Book is packed full of super-rad activities that can be played alone, with your friends, or even with your whole family—it’s up to you! In this book, YOU team up with the Chicken-Boy of Clintonville and his partners, cat detectives CatBob and Neil Higgins, to solve puzzles, master mazes, draw, and even become the author of your very own Crime Cats mystery!

Wolfgang Parker is the accidental author and illustrator of the “Crime Cats” children’s mystery series. He wrote the first volume, “Crime Cats: Missing,” as a gift for his nineteen nieces and nephews and soon found people of all ages enjoyed reading the adventures of the Chicken-Boy of Clintonville and his cat detective partners.

giftguide-graphic-smallWolfgang has been previously known as a music pioneer. His debut album “Hep City Swing” (1998) was the first Punk-Swing album ever recorded. After its release, his band went on to record three full-length albums, an EP, and a couple of vinyl 7″ singles. Then, during a creative lull, Parker picked up a camera and his artistic journey suddenly changed direction. The rocker spent a short stint being published as a fashion and art photographer before burning out on the grueling process.

Parker was voted one of Columbus’ best authors in the 2015 ColumbusUnderground.com reader’s poll. He currently occupies duel roles as fiction writer and singer/bassist of a new band, Weedhaven Laughing Academy–both with releases due out in 2016. You’ve heard Weedhaven on Radio Free Charleston and we will keep you posted on his new projects. This is a great gift for young readers, folks who are into coloring and other activities and fans of Wolfgang. This book can be ordered from Amazon, or from any local bookstore by using the ISBN code above.