giftguide-graphic-smallA couple of years ago we told you about Lammily. This is the realistically-proportioned fashion doll that I recommended in the PopCult Gift Guide back in 2014. Since that time we actually got to meet the folks behind Lammily at the New York International Toy Fair and we’ve watched as the line has expanded to include more dolls as well as outfits and accessories. All of the Lammily products can can be ordered from

photographer_front-600x600In 2015 they announced that the Lammily Photographer would be added to the line. That’s her on the right. The first ethnic Lammily, this doll came outfitted to work as a photographer and can also wear the fashions created for the original doll. She has the same realistic proportions and was a welcome addition to the line. This broadened the appeal of Lammily even more, giving more girls the chance to have a doll that was “just like me.”

There have been several fashions created for the line. If you sign up for their email newsletter you can be alerted to specials sales and short-run items like the recent astronaut and aviator outfit sets for Lammily.

unnamed-2This year, just in time for the holidays, the first Boy Lammily doll will be released. The new Lammily doll is created according to the proportions of the average 19-year-old man. Anthropometric data came from the University of Michigan. And the Boy Lammily will be an Animal Rescuer.

Boy Lammily was successfully crowd-funded in the spring, and the first shipments are expected to arrive in the US in just a few days, so that they can be in your hands before Christmas if you were one of the lucky folks who helped Kickstart the project. If all goes well, more may be available to the general public in time for the holidays. Both of the first two Lammily Dolls and all the in-stock fashions and accessories are available for immediate shipping at the Lammily website..

All Lammily dolls are left unnamed, so that the kids (or adults) who get them can go to the Lammily website and bestow them with a name of their own choosing. This is a great gift for the girl (or boy) who’s sick of Barbie and all her snooty perfection. It’s also a well-made collectible for adults. Best of all, it’s likely to stand out among all the cookie-cutter dolls on the market.