1911029-o_19l7o7ba57em1mqbmookjc1vi17-fullLongtime PopCult readers had to know this was going to be in the Gift Guide. The perfect gift for any Beatle fan who remains young at heart, LEGO has released their version of The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine. It retails for around sixty bucks, and is supposed to be available in many stores like Target, Toys R Us and Walmart, but sightings have been few and far between. Your best bet if you want it for Christmas is to order directly from LEGO.

giftguide-graphic-smallThis looks to be an instant “happy place” for fans of The Fab Four and the classic 1968 animated feature. The submarine features a removable top for easy play, a cockpit that accommodates the included John, Paul, George and Ringo minifigures, two rotating propellers, four periscopes, an adjustable rudder, plus assorted accessory elements that The Beatles have collected on their journey. The set also includes a Jeremy figure.

The set also comes with a removable display stand as well as a minifigure display stand. Accessory elements include John’s telescope, Paul’s 1×2 ‘Love’ tile, Ringo’s round 2×2 ‘half a hole’ tile, George’s submarine motor and Jeremy’s apple.

ys-001This is great for display or role-playing scenes from the iconic 1968 film (go ahead and do it, nobody’s looking). The set also includes a booklet about the LEGO fan/designer and the Yellow Submarine. This set includes over 550 pieces and offers an age-appropriate build and play experience for ages 10 and up. You can even put it together when you’re 64.

When built, the Yellow submarine measures over 5” high, 9” long and 2” wide. You know that any Beatle fan will want this.  Don’t be a Meanie. Let them go to Pepperland.