rain-002Rain No Evil
by Michele Zirkle Marcum
Zirk’s Quirks Ltd.
ISBN-13: 978-1945178696

Our local pick for the 2016 Popcult Gift Guide today is Rain No Evil, the debut novel by The AIR‘s newest personality, Michele Zirkle Marcum. Based on a true story about the supernatural, this novel features a woman who needs more protection than her police officer husband can provide when a few demons infiltrate her life.

Marcum’s novel has been described by Bram Stoker award winning author Michael Knost as, “Wickedly funny, yet profoundly sincere and thought provoking.” You can find Rain No Evil at several local bookstores, but it can also be ordered through her website, via Amazon.

Michele Savaunah Zirkle Marcum is a graduate of Concord College and Marshall Graduate School. After teaching high school for twenty years, she resigned to write full-time. Her weekly column can be found every Tuesday in the Opinion section of Ohio Valley Publishing newspapers.

giftguide-graphic-008Every Wednesday at 1:30 PM on The AIR you can hear Michele’s show, Life Speaks, where she talks about the presence of the paranormal in everyday life.  Check it out…