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The 2016 PopCult Gift Guide: Terra Climber

71dpkgt7tzl-_sl1500_Mattel has revived the beloved TYCO brand name with a really cool remote control vehicle that moves like nothing you’ve ever seen. We saw this at Toy Fair for the first time, and there’s no wonder why it’s one of the hot toys this holiday season. Check out the video above to see Terra Climber in action.

Terra Climber is the first remote control vehicle that can actually climb stairs. We shot this video in the Mattel showroom and it is a remarkable demonstration. Terra Climber is in stores now for under a hundred bucks, and as low as $78 online.

giftguide-graphic-008In addition to being just a cool all around remote control toy, Terra Climber is useful for people who live in split level homes that want to herd cats. Pet owners can even try to balance bowls of food on Terra Climber so that they can deliver a meal to their loving pet.

This is a great gift for kids of any age. There’s so much play value here that adults may not want to share it with their children. Kids never know how to play with cool stuff like this the right way anyway.

Terra Climber is available anywhere remote control toys are sold.


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  1. Thomas Wheeler

    If I were a pet owner, I’m pretty sure this thing would freak the heck out of all cats and a lot of dogs. But it’s still very cool!

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