November first we begin what has become the most anticipated series of posts, our annual Gift Guide.

This year I’m tweaking the format a bit, just to make life a litle easier.

Each weekday you can expect one post with at least three gift suggestions.  On Saturdays I will do a Flashback gift idea, reviving a suggestion or two from previous years. Sunday will feature a retailer spotlight (either online or local to Charleston, WV). Our regular features will continue on their regular days.

The last day for The 2024 PopCult Gift Guide will be the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and the Master List will appear on Black Friday.  I’m open to the idea of doing some bonus picks the first week of December, but I’m not committing to that yet.

As for what you can expect…our first day will be toys, as always, and our second day will be books about comic book history.  Beyond that you can expect the usual mix of comics, toys, music, video, trinketry, art and apparel. You’ll just have to check every day to see what pops up.

By the time Wednesday rolls around, I will have corrected the year in the graphics that will accompany these posts. It was not until I was sharing this post on social media that I realized it’s not 2024 yet.