Welcome to PopCult’s guide to Bonus Round Week on The AIR. This week, Tuesday through Saturday, each programming day on The AIR will be split between two mini-marathons of some of our most popular specialty music programs.

You can listen at The AIR Website, or on this embedded radio player…

Thursday sees Prognosis, our showcase for Progressive Rock, take the daytime spot, from 7 AM to 7 PM.

Originally hosted by Haversham Recording Institute Chairman, Herman Linte, for much of this year yours truly has been filling in behind the microphone. Herman plans to return to the show this fall, and this mini-marathon offers shows hosted by both of us.

Prognosis brings you the cool stuff, the intricate, complex rock music that arose in the late 1960s, and continues today with a healthy dose of bombast, virtuosity and an intelligence that is often mistaken for pretension. You will hear classic Prog-rock artists like ELP, YES, Pink Floyd, Genesis and King Crimson mixed in with today’s rising stars like Tomorrow’s Eve, Sonar with David Tom, The Frankly Valentyn Project and The Blank Page .

Prognosis can be heard every Thursday at 3 PM, with replays Friday at 7 AM, Saturday at 8 AM, Tuesday at 8 PM and Wednesday at 10 PM, exclusively on The AIR.

From 7 PM to Midnight, you can hear five episodes of Radio Coolsville, which came to us from WMUL Radio in Huntington. DJ Betty Rock brought us a weekly hour of the best of Alternative Rock and whatever else happened to catch her fancy.

Radio Coolsville is out of production now, but we still have around ten episodes that haven’t been heard on The AIR yet, and we will be releasing those later this fall. You can hear the best of Radio Coolsville every Tuesday at 5 PM.