hALLOW wEINERThe Lean to Halloween continues today on The AIR. All-new episodes of Life Speaks with Michele Zirkle Marcum, Curtain Call and Word Association with Lee and Rudy highlight a day that also sees macabre episodes of On The Road with Mel, Prognosis, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The Gibby Hunters, The Comedy Vault, The Best of The Real with Mark Wolfe, and The Goon Show.

Wednesday is loaded with great spooky talk, comedy and music. Listen at the website or on this sweet little radio widget…

Kick off your day with a replay of yesterday’s episode of The Swing Shift at 7 AM. That’s followed at 9 AM by a replay of Radio Coolsville, and then a special bonus replay of the first episode of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy at 11 AM. At Noon a replay of last week’s Curtain Call leads in to a special encore edition of On The Road with Mel about ShockaCon at 1 PM.

At 1:30 PM Michele Zirkle Marcum hosts a new Life Speaks that features an interview with Jimmy O’Dell Carroll and Willy Rose, the Rocket Boys from the big screen. 2PM sees The Best of The Real with Mark Wolfe as we dig back into the archives for his interview with RJ Haddy, a master FX make up artist.

At 3 PM Curtain Call kicks off with an hour of Halloween-appropriate showtunes from Little Shop of Horrors, Sweeny Todd, Phantom of the Opera, Carrie the Musical and a new show Monsters of the Villa Duodati by Washington DC-based creators Matt Conner and Stephen Gregory Smith, with Mel Larch acting as your mistress of mayhem. This is followed at 4 PM by two bonus hours of Curtain Call. At 6 PM it’s an hour of The Goon Show.

Life Speaks replays at 7 PM, followed at 7:3o by Word Association with Lee and Rudy, which has moved to its new day and time with an episode that was supposed to be about Halloween, and starts out with the two talking about fond childhood memories, but just past the half-way point it degenerates into gripes and complaints and general cranky old man-type behavior.

Prime Time kicks off at 8 PM with a nighttime replay of Prognosis, hosted by Herman Linte. This week Herman brings you Jeff Wayne’s Musical version of The War of The Worlds. We close the night with The Gibby Hunters at 10 PM and The Comedy Vault at 11 PM.

Midnight ushers in a full night of mysterious programming that will thrill, delight and mystify you, starting with the second part of book one of Stephen King’s The Stand.