All this week on The AIR, we bring you marathons of our music specialty programs. This is  a great way to give new readers and listeners a chance to sample our shows, and also give our staff a week off from having to produce anything new.

The marathons will begin at 7 AM and run for 24 hours. If you miss anything, don’t worry. We’ve found ways to keep these shows in rotation.

Beatles Blast is hosted by your PopCulteer, and presents an hour of Beatles and Beatle-related music each week.  Today’s marathon cherry-picks 24 of the best episodes of the show, and will thrill and delight any die-hard Beatlemaniac with its mix of group, solo, rare and previously unknown music by the Fab Four, along with a bevy of interesting and incredible covers of the band’s greatest musical triumphs.

Some episodes also bring you rare interviews and documentary-style presentations that will enlighten you about some of the more obscure corners of The Beatles’ history.

Each week Beatles Blast is heard Wednesday at 2 PM, with replays throughout the week.

Check PopCult every day this week to see what show we’ll feature as our daily marathon while your humble blogger crawls off to recover from The 2023 PopCult Gift Guide.