air-logo-b-00123Tuesday at 10 AM and 10 PM, The AIR will present the fiftieth episode of Radio Free Charleston! You can tune in at the website, or on this cool little embedded player…

Charleston’s longest-running local music program celebrates half-a-hundred episodes of its latest incarnation.

The thing is, this milestone is not really that big a deal. This is the fiftieth episode of Radio Free Charleston produced for The AIR. Technically it’s “RFC Volume Four.” The original RFC ran around thirty episodes. The video incarnation clocks in at over 200 shows (and counting), with more than 70 “RFC MINI SHOWs in the mix, and the previous internet radio version of our local music extravaganza came in with around forty episodes.  So all told, we’re probably somewhere around number 400.

But who’s counting.

To mark this semi-milestone, we did what we always do…we put together a show with a lot of great local music that you probably haven’t heard yet. We open with Membrane Cell, and fill the rest of the hour with new-to-RFC songs by The Carpenter Ants, Time And Distance, Pale Nova, Kerry Hughes and more. As a special bonus, we’re running replays of recent episodes of RFC until 2 PM, so you can play catch-up, if you’re late to the game.

Also Tuesday, we have a new episode of The Swing Shift at 3 PM, and a cool line-up of all our other shows. Just check this stuff out, and then follow the jump for the playlists for RFC 50 and The Swing Shift 28.


RFCv4050             10 AM and 10 PM

Membrane Cell  “Insignificant Other”
The Stars Revolt  “Goodnight, Goodnight”
Time And Distance  “first time caller, long time listener”
A Story Told  “Fall Back”
The Carpenter Ants  “I Feel Like A Woman”
Pale Nova  “How Long”
Kerry Hughes  “End’s Never Been So Near”
Jeff Ellis  “Is Something The Matter”
The Company Stores “Nightingale”
Scarlet Revolt  “Slow Fade”
Flannel Shark  “Mary Jane’s Last Dance”
Feast of Stephen  “Ward 7”

The Swing Shift 028    3 PM

The Swing Kings  “Here Comes The Man With The Jive”
Amos Milburn  “Grey Hound”
The Cable Street Rag Band  “Goofus”
The Hot Sugar Band  “Jericho”
The Jive Aces  “Jive Ace Boogie Woogie”
Hollywood Bowl Jam Session  “Woodchopper’s Ball”
Royal Crown Revue  “I Love The Life I Live”
Don Parrot and Jon Steirnberg with Jim Cox  “Oh Baby”
Stan Kenton  “The Peanut Vendor”
Smoking Time Jazz Club  “Blues of the Vagabond”
Indigo Swing  “Rollin’ with Roland”
Louis Jordan  “Salt Pork, West Virginia”
Les and Larry Elgart  “Caravan”