If that headline looks to you like a euphemism for reruns, you are correct. The nice German folks who maintain the service we use to bring you The AIR have informed us that they are upgrading their servers this week, and as a result, there may be intermittant outages during that time. Since we don’t want to promote new shows, only to have our listeners tune in to hear dead air, I made the call to bring you encore presentations all week, so that you don’t get too disappointed if the station goes dead for a minute or fifty right in the middle of the cool new thing I promised.

You can still tune in at the website, or on this embedded radio player…

As for our reruns, I can assure you that we will only use the finest, USDA Grade-A repeats of our musical programs this week.

Tuesday, you can hear episode 100 of Radio Free Charleston at 10 AM and 10 PM, and the morning run will be followed by our three most recent RFC episodes. The Swing Shift will replay its fiftieth show, followed by a couple of other classic episodes at 3 PM.

Wednesday Curtain Call will present an encore of recent shows devoted to The Tony Awards. The rest of the week will also see classic episodes of our music programs. This is a great chance to check out The AIR, because one thing I know is, with our luck, hundreds of people will tune in right when the servers shut down and we have nothing but dead air.

Cross your fingers and hope that they get this all worked out by next week. We have lots of cool stuff we want you to hear. In the meantime, check PopCult for the rest of our NYC Tour Diary, and some reviews of really cool stuff.