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The Amazing Delores Kicks Out The Jams On Radio Free Charleston on New Appalachian Radio

NAR log 014RFCv3 #32

Opening cut: Doktor Steamly “A Lab Near Arkham”

This week’s show opener is a new track from Doktor Steamly, a side project by Jack Deskins of The Big Bad that mixes Electronica with Horror movie music. We have more from Doktor Steamly coming up in future shows.

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amazingdeloresThis week the theme of our second hour is the music of The Amazing Delores. Delores was an enigmatic force of nature, a unique Mountain State psychobilly princess with a voice that could drive demons back to hell. We will tell you all about Delores in our second hour and share tons of her music.

Hour One Playllist:

The BrotherSisters “Damn The Torpedoes”
Sasha Colette “Victory”
Total Meltodwn “Wish You Were Here”
Booji Boy With DEVO “The Words Get Stuck In My Throat”

Groove Heavy “Do You Remember The Time”
Lady D “Higher”
Marcie Bullock “When I Was With You”
Watt 4 “Proud Mary”

Chuck Berry With Johnnie Johnson “Nadine”
Unknown Hinson “Run Like Hell”
Stark Raven “Into The Fire”
Shawn Coleman “Power Ballad”
Stephen Beckner “There You Are”

Hour Two with The Amazing Delores:

hqdefaulaatDelores Boyd was a native of Mudlick, West Virginia, and in her life’s journey she made it all the way to Dunbar, but also around the world as a subject of an installment of Jacob Young’s “Different Drummer” series.

Delores was a model and ran a “beauty and charm school” before deciding to take up a musical career after she hit the age of 40. Under the musical direction of Michael Lipton, Delores was able to channel her raw talent into a truly amazing weapon of musical destruction. Feuled in equal parts by the love of Christ and liquor, Delores became a cult star who could have gone on to greater fame had she ever conquered her fear of flying.

In this hour we bring you most of her CD, “Stop Messin’ With My Mind,” complete with a few of the messages that Delores left on Michael’s answering machine, and we’ll also mix in some early demo tracks and a live cut that I have in my archives. Y9u can purchase Delores’s music at Amazon.

It all kicks off with my personal favorite, Rats in my Trailer

The Amazing Delores

“Rats In My Trailer”
“Dixie Lee”
“One On One”
“Stand By Me”

“Stop Testifyin’ To The Devil”
“Going Over 40”
“Rats In My Trailer (Live in Nashville)

“Love Magic”
“Do The In And Out”
“Ship of Slaves”

“Stop Messin’ With My Mind”
“Stop Testifyin’ To The Devil”
“Going Over 40”

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  1. Alexander Minturn

    Not sure why I am even writing. Listened to the Amazing Delores CD today..i have owned it for many years. Decided to Google her to find out any information and came across this. Will be interested in any other information I can find about the Amazing Delores Boyd and any other recorded music. Thanks. Alex Minturn

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