The PopCulteer
February 22, 2013

We’ve got a lot of scattershot times this week, so let’s kick it off, shall we?

Richard III

The Alban Art and Conference Center production of William Shakespeare’s “Richard III” opens this weekend, and you should all go see it, probably more than once so you can wring all the Shakespeare out of it.

The production stars Jeff Bukovinksy as the slouchy monarch, and a cast of very talented local actors including Jessica Smith as Queen Elizabeth and Olivia Morris as Lady Anne. With the talents of Adam Bryan, John Johnson IV, William Rouse, Josh, Fix, Chris Terpening, Mandy Petry, John Halstead, Norman Clerc, Nikki Williams, Ethan Lyvers, Kelly West, Aaron Shepard, Brooke Hirst, Jadon Batista, Kyle Casto, Lauren Casto and Asa Lyvers. Last but not least, my fiancee, Melanie Larch as Queen Margaret.

Director Marlette Carter has put together a fantastic production, but don’t take my word for it. I may be a bit biased. Check out this review, then go see the show, February 22, 23 and March 1, 2 at 8 PM or February 24 and March 3 at 2 PM. Tickets are a mere fifteen bucks for world-class Shakespearing, ten bucks only for students or seniors.

RFC Flashbacks

Seven years ago this week I had the initial meetings with Brian Young at LiveMix Studio to discuss what eventually became the video revival of Radio Free Charleston. To commemorate this, we’ve posted remastered versions of the first six episodes over at the Radio Free Charleston Facebook page.

Check it out so you can see Whistlepunk, The No Pants Players, Stephen Beckner, Eduardo Canelon from Comparsa, Three Bodies, Raymond Wallace, Under The Radar, Appalachian Celtic Consort, Kevin Duffer, Two Watts of Power, Professor Mike, animation from Frank Panucci and Pentagram Flowerbox and more from the early days of RFC.

The Civic Center

This is a short editorial comment. There is no question that Charleston would benefit greatly from a huge upgrade to our Civic Center. It’s long overdue. However, paying for it by creating (not merely raising) a city-wide sales tax is the most regressive and anti-business way to raise revenue for the renovations. It will drive shoppers out of town and will especially hurt the downtown shopping district. It is a stupid idea and should be quashed as soon as possible. Cutting B&O taxes at the same time raises a lot of questions about the true motives at work here. The city should just float a bond like Huntington did. This would be the “fugly” in the headline.

Reid Fleming

Almost exactly two years ago I raved about a hardback collection of David Boswell’s classic 1980s comic, Reid Fleming, The World’s Toughest Milkman. Now, for you people who are into reading without books, Boswell has made his books available for download, in a “pay what you want” form. Visit his website and check it out. Nice people will leave a few bucks for the joy of reading this cool comics, but to be fair, Reid Fleming himself wouldn’t.

Stuff To Do

Of course, the number one event this weekend is Richard III, but if you’re looking for live music on the nights that you aren’t soaking up the Bard, here’s what you got…


Cover-free music includes Songwriter Stage at The Daily Cup on D Street in South Charleston, with Katrina Brown, Casi Null and Raj Punsugree, from 6 PM to 9PM. At Bruno’s on Leon Sullivan Way, it’s C&S Railroad, starting at 9 PM. Steve Clever hosts the Friday Night Jam at The Sound Factory starting at 10 PM. Rick Perdue will be at Timothy’s, downstairs from The Quarrier Diner at 10 PM.

Music with a price tag includes Holy Smoke at Sam’s Uptown Cafe, with a five-dollar cover, starting at 10 PM. Lefty Williams will be at The Empty Glass at 11 PM, with the EG seven-dollar cover with a two-dollar discount if you’re early.


Free music Saturday is Sean Richardson at Bluegrass Kitchen at 7 PM. The Return at Timothy’s at 9 PM.

Monied shows on Saturday start off at 5:30 with Time and Distance, The McGees, Motion Theater, The Veggies and A Summer Apart at Rock Lake Community Life Center in South Charleston, with a seven-dollar cover for this all-ages show. On the bar circuit, The McGees pull double-duty supporting The Ultimatums at The Empty Glass starting at 11 PM, for the usual EG 7/5 cover.


You can catch a matinee of “Richard III” at the Alban.

Next week in PopCult we’ll have the usual videos, art, toys, books and other stuff. Come back and read it, do.