One of the guilty joys of the Internet for Beatles fans is the explosion of what had once been hard-to-find rare recordings of the Fab Four, available now for free, just a with a click of the mouse.

The Beatlegs Podcast presents nearly a half-hour chunk of good rare Beatles music, interviews, and snippets of notable events in each episode. This podcast is currently taking a few weeks hiatus, but there are many episodes archived on the site.

The most recent show presents,
cleanly edited together, the Beatles jamming on a variety of oldies during the warm-up for the “Get Back” sessions, which ultimately resulted in the movie “Let It Be.” You get to listen in as the boys run through fragments of a litany of early rock classics. They also spend a lot of time goofing on their own early hits. You’ll get to hear the Beatles singing “Help” in the style of The Goon Show. They also do slow blues takes on some of their other early tunes like “Run For Your Life” and “Rain”. In addition to that, we also get to hear bits and pieces of tunes that would turn up on the White Album and Abbey Road, only with alternate lyrics and arrangements. The half-hour wraps up with John and Paul singing each other’s “White Album” songs “I’m So Tired,” and “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road.”

And that’s just one episode. There are dozens more focusing on topics like The Mellotron, the Beatles’ solo works, classic albums and more. This podcast is a MUST LISTEN for Beatles fans. With the recent legal action between the Beatles and Apple Computers, this may be the only place to find Beatles music online for quite some time.