beatles rfci 003Radio Free Charleston International host, Rudy Panucci, is a huge Beatles Freak. That’s no secret. This week on RFCI, get ready for two hours of Beatles tribute music.

You will hear lesser-know cuts from The Fab Four, solo cuts from John, Paul, George and Ringo, and tons of Beatles covers by recording artists both obscure and of superstar status.

Tonight at Midnight (and Friday at 10 PM and Saturday morning at 11 AM, all times Eastern) you can tune in to hear this brand-new episode of Radio Free Charleston International. Part two will air next week at the usual times. You can tune in at Appalachian Independent Radio, or just listen right up there in that handy little virtual transistor radio.

Ain’t technology grand?

Check out the playlist and enjoy. A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

The Beatles  “You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)”

John Lennon  “Serve Yourself”
Paul McCartney  “Return To Pepperland”
George Harrison  “When We Was Fab”
Ringo Starr  “I Don’t Believe You”

The Wedding Present with Amelia Fletcher  “Getting Better”
Sonic Youth  “Within You Without You”
Michelle Shocked  “Lovely Rita”
The Fall  “A Day In The Life”

Tina Turner  “Help”
Phil Collins  “Tomorrow Never Knows”
Annie Lennox  “Don’t Let Me Down”

The Rutles  “Get Up And Go”
The Beatles  “What’s The New Mary Jane”

Mash Up  “Only of a Lonely USSR”
Men Without Hats “I Am The Walrus”
New Musik  “All You Need Is Love”
Paul Weller  “Sexy Sadie”

Adrian Belew  “Blackbird”
Kansas  “Eleanor Rigby”
Allan Holdsworth “Michelle”
Golden Earring  “I’ll Be Back”

Thompson Twins  “Revolution”
Cheap Trick  “Day Tripper”
Heart  “I’m Down/Long Tall Sally”

Ben Harper  “Strawberry Fields Forever”