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The Book On Stony Smith, Secret Agents And More Marx Action Figures

Tom Heaton of The Vintage Toy Room has a new Module in his series of books devoted to the 12″ action figures made by The Marx Toy Company, and even though I don’t have one in my hands yet, I am going to whole-heartedly recommend it based on the excellence of Tom’s other works on the topic.

Tom wrote the great Enclyclopedia of Marx Action Figures back in 1999, but he had to limit his scope to the available page count, and since so much more information is always coming to light he decided to create expansion modules to cover diferent elements of Johnny West and his friends. A couple of years ago I included the whole set (at the time) in the PopCult Gift Guide, and I’m happy to say that long-awaited fifth module is now available for order.

The original Marx Action Figure Encyclopedia and all the modules can be ordered directly from Tom’s website, The Vintage Toy Room. Tom will even sign and personalize these for you, if you wish. Now, in the eagerly-awaited Module 5, we’ll get the lowdown on Stony Smith, The All American Fighters and the Marx Military Action Figures.  These are low-print-run,  full-color books, crammed with vital information for the hobby, and are worth every penny. You can build an instant library of Marx Action Figure knowledge for your giftee, all in one fell swoop.

Let’s go to the press release:

The Vintage Toy Room has completed Module #5, The Military and Secret Agent Spy Era! This is the book many of you have been waiting for! The Marx Military and Secret Agent Spy Era! This book includes many new items not included in the Encyclopedia! Stony Smith Paratrooper variations, All American Fighters, Buddy Charlies, Canadian Buddy, Mike Hazard, Girl from UNCLE, Rat Patrol, Marx Factory visits, Artists, Likeness reviews of characters and celebrities they were based on, deep dives on The Girl from UNCLE original molds, Prototypes, Trade catalog slicks, store displays, test shots, color variations from other countries, Copper Head and Jane Blonde, and many more! I will also be including an 11×17 full color poster on the Military and Secret agent figures poster!

Thanks to all the folks that contributed to the book with pictures , editing, and preorder support to make this book a reality. This module far exceeds what the Encyclopedia delivered adding prototypes, test shots, retail catalogs, Sears combos, and so much more! This is by far our best produced book to date!

In this book you’ll learn all about Stony Smith, the variations and configurations of him and the transition to the All American Fighters. Plus you’ll find out about Mike Hazard and April Dancer and more. Each figures is shown complete with their packaging and all their accessories.

The best way to get this book is to visit The Vintage Toy Room.  It’s now in stock with a laminated cover and freedeluxe 11×17 poster. While you’re there, if you don’t already have them, pick up Tom’s earlier modules. If you like cool vintage action figures, or have a fondness for Johnny West and his friends and foes, this is exactly what you need in your life.


  1. Lee Bowling

    Hi Rudi – thrilled to see your article on Tom’s book! I have a copy and it is great! I think I saw one typo in your article – I do not think the poster that comes with this module is for ‘Heroes of the West and Fort Apache’. It is about the military and spy products. Thanks again for all your great information!

    • rudy panucci

      Glad you let me know. I’ve edited that part. It was in the press release that way. I should have my copy in a day or three.

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