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The Chase Is On

Chase Henderson, that is.  Today the PopCult Gift Guide spotlights the work of local artist/writer, Chase Henderson. A young man who has unfortunately been afflicted with the horrors of accidentally being mistaken for me a few times, even though we don’t really look much alike.

However, this isn’t about me, it’s about Chase.  He’s written a very clever and entertaining metaphysical space opera novel called “The Spaces In Between,” which you can order from Amazon.

The descriptive blurb from the back cover reads, “When Cameron stole the power of God, he used it to live out his fantasies as a pirate in space. After three years of blazing a name for himself across the universe, his powers are running out. He pools his remaining resources to hunt down Noah’s Ark, the back-up copy of Creation, in hopes of siphoning power from it. But there are far worse things out there than the Pirate King hunting for the Ark…”

This is cool stuff. It’d be great for fans of Douglas Adams and Terry Gilliam.  If it’s still available in any local bookstores, check the comments for updates, but I know you can get it from Amazon.

An example of Chase's art

Chase is also a gifted artist, and you can order some of his visual treats at Etsy and Imagekind. Be aware that Chase’s work includes some nudes, so those sites may not be work-safe.

You can also find some of chase’s work at local galleries.  I know he’s had his art for sale at The Taylor Books Annex Gallery and at The Art Emporium. And if there are other places where you can buy it, I hope Chase will update us in the comments section below.

There you have it: the art and writing of Chase Henderson–today’s PopCult Gift Guide suggestion. We are half-way through the 2010 PopCult Gift Guide. I hope you’re taking notes.

Your PopCulteer with his alleged doppelganger, Chase Henderson. As you can see, there's no resemblance at all.

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  1. Chase Henderson

    Aside from my website. TheHometownTourist dot com there’s no other places to get the book. If you spot a sliver Ford Focus with a Flying Spaghetti monster emblem or a man that looks like Rudy Panucci, but not really at all, downtown you can buy them direct. However, if people want to pester Taylor’s, Frog Creek, or anyone else to carry it- go right ahead.

    Now for art, the Masonic Temple gallery on Hale Street and Art Emporium will have me during the December Art Walk. I’m currently featured in the Masonic Temple’s gallery, which I think is appointment only except during Art Walk.

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