Derick KirkSaturday and Sunday the Gazebo in Davis Park in downtown Charleston becomes “The Derick Kirk Memorial Stage” in honor of the late Derick Kirk, a beloved musician that the Charleston music scene bade farewell to last year.  You can see T.J. King’s tribute to Derick, and catch Doctor Senator performing at Davis Park on the latest episode of Radio Free Charleston, which you can find by scrolling down to the next post here at PopCult.

As promised in the show and in yesterday’s production notes, here’s the line-up for the weekend shows at the Derick Kirk Memorial Stage:


Noon:  Punk jazz

1 p.m.:  Dance in Davis Park                                 

2 p.m.: The Joe Prichard Band, rock

3 p.m.: Sean Richardson and Karen Allen, singer/songwriter

4 p.m.: The Rick Perdue Band, rock

5 p.m.: Dance in Davis Park

5:30 p.m.: Comparsa, Latin


Noon: The Blue Notes, jazz.

1 p.m.: Central Standard Time, jazz.

2 p.m.: Heidi Muller and Bob Webb

3 p.m.: The Spurgie Hankins Band, cool rock.

4 p.m.: The Ryan Kennedy Trio, jazz.