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Today we flash back to September 2007 with our “Back To School” episode. In this show, our host is knocked out and replaced by the then-twelve-years-old Cadence Young, who presents a short film by Audrey and Mia Beckner, music from Whistlepunk and Sean Richardson, and “Digitally Assaulted Charleston No. 1,” an animated short by Rudy Panucci. People have told me that the video for Sean’s “World Gone Mad,” which was a single shot with no edits or audio sweetening, recorded in the lobby at LiveMix Studios in one take, is one of the most compelling performances we’ve had on the show.

Musically, this show captures a moment in the evolution of two beloved Charleston bands. Whistlepunk, having added Karen Allen, is shown as a four-piece band. Soon after this show, Sean Richardson, our other musical guest, joined the band. Since this time, Sean and Karen have split off to form Tofujitsu, while Whistlepunk is back to their three-piece format. Both bands are going strong, and played a pre-Valentine’s show together at LiveMix Studios (from where this show originates), along with Audrey and Mia’s dad, Stephen Beckner. You’ve seen performances from that night on recent episodes of RFC.

Tofujitsu is planning a CD release show at Capitol Roasters on July 11. One week later they’ll be at The Empty Glass with Columbus’s Melty Melty and Scott Depot’s The Universes. You can read the original production notes here.